Certified Installers

American Roofing Systems products are installed by only the most responsible contractors. In order to become an ARS approved contractor, companies must meet specific requirements and go through a thorough background check. Our approval system is meant to maintain our high standards of financial stability, installation excellence and experience. We make sure the contractor installing each system would complete the job as we would ourselves.

Certifying only the best contractors protects both the interests of our customers and American Roofing Systems. By having qualified contractors installing our systems, the owner knows the roof is done right the first time, and we know that our best interests are also being served as we guaranty our systems through warranties ranging from 5 years to 35 years.

Requirements in becoming an American Roofing Systems certified installer include having a certain number of years industry experience, workers compensation and liability insurances, project specific experience, bonding capacities, financial stability and many other areas as well.

If you have specific question regarding contractor certification, please contact [email protected].